Morphine Addiction Treatment

Morphine is generally administered in a hospital setting to treat moderate to severe pain. It is known to be highly addictive because of the way that it decreases the body’s emotional response to pain—it is highly effective to manage pain. Morphine is actually what heroin is derived from—which is why the potency of uncut heroin is so high, so effective, and so dangerous.

Prescriptions of morphine in a non-hospital setting are not as common as prescriptions for some other medications, but are sometimes given. People suffering from morphine addiction likely developed the dependency following a surgery or major injury. Despite the increased potency and chemical effects on the brain, morphine addiction can be treated effectively and managed long-term with Medication-Assisted Treatment. Don’t think that if you have chronic pain that may need treatment that you are automatically inappropriate for MAT services. While it is true that you can’t maintain an opioid prescription while in opioid treatment, there are other options for navigating how to manage your pain effectively that doesn’t put you in danger with your addiction. This is just one example of why we coordinate our treatment services with other agencies.

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