Suboxone Treatment Program

Some of our programs offer DATA 2000 programs which prescribe Suboxone or Subutex.

These programs are operated within the center, but are distinctly different and separate from our methadone program.  Some of these differences include: 

  • Medication. Most obviously, methadone is different from Suboxone or Subutex. During your first meeting with the doctor, you will discuss treatment medications and determine which one works best for you.
  • Price. DATA 2000 programs tend to be more expensive—particularly for patients without insurance.
  • Regulations. DATA 2000 programs are less-strictly regulated than methadone programs and the requirements are not the same.
  • Attendance. While attendance for both programs is based on time and progress in treatment, patients in DATA 2000 program rarely have to attend the clinic more than one time a week.  Their prescriptions are picked up from a pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens, not dispensed at the clinic.
  • Engagement. Patients in methadone programs receive most of their addiction treatment needs on-site—including treatment planning, clinical assessment, and regularly scheduled counseling.  DATA 2000 program patients attend the clinic primarily to meet with the doctor and discuss their medication.  They may complete group counseling with a DATA program counselor on-site or receive counseling services from an outside agency.