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Frequently Asked Questions

by Crossroads

Frequently Asked Questions covers the questions we hear the most at Crossroads Treatment Centers. You'll find answers to questions like, "How long will I be in treatment," and "Is Methadone safe" and much more. 


Guest Dose With Us!

by Crossroads . Treatment

Whether you are visiting from another city, state, or country, we are happy to accommodate you when you travel.


Considering Methadone Treatment at Crossroads? Here’s a Quick Guide

by Crossroads . Treatment

It’s a big decision to seek treatment for addiction. It takes courage to admit that there’s a problem, and even more courage to step through the doors of a treatment center. If you’ve done that, we applaud you. If you’re considering seeking treatment, we encourage you. It’ll be one of the best, life-changing decisions of your life.


The Cost of Treatment

by Crossroads . Treatment

What is the true cost of addiction? And when placed next to the cost of treatment, what is the most financially economical route? 


When A Loved One Is Addicted: 2 Things You Can Do Right Now

by Crossroads . Addiction

Having a loved one with the disease of addiction is an emotional rollercoaster. The ups and the downs are merciless. It’s one of those things in life where there is no handbook on how to ride this ride without everybody getting sick.


Methadone: Is The Use Of Medication Still Recovery?

by Crossroads . Treatment, Recovery

There are those who claim that people using medications like Methadone or Suboxone aren't truly in recovery. We disagree. Here's why.


What Will Your Rock Bottom Be?

by Crossroads . Treatment

The lowest point, the worst of the worst, the ‘rock bottom’. Call it what you will, many people who suffer from addiction have a personal story of landing at a place so low, there’s no further place to fall.


Facing The Fear: Choosing Recovery

by Crossroads . Treatment

Are you standing at a crossroad between addiction and recovery? If you're like most people, there is a dialog of fear going on in your head right now as you read those words. 


Why Taking Drugs To Treat Addiction Doesn’t Mean You’re ‘Still Addicted’

by Crossroads . Treatment

In the case of opioids, the diagnosis is labeled “opioid use disorder,” and when it is “severe,” this corresponds with what most people call addiction. But the media and the public don’t seem to have gotten the memo. 


What’s It Like To Be Addicted to Opiates?

by Crossroads . Addiction, Opiates

It’s true that many people who become addicted arrived at this place because of bad choices. Those that fall into that category would be the first people to point that out! There are also a lot of people who ended up addicted, not because of bad choices, but because of an accident, an injury, or because of debilitating pain caused by an illness. 


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