New center in Neptune City, NJ now open! Learn more!

New center in Neptune City, NJ now open! Call for more info!

Methadone Program

As a leading provider of medication-assisted opioid treatment, Crossroads Treatment Centers provides FDA-approved medication (including Methadone or Suboxone) combined with counseling and toxicology services for a highly effective approach to care for Opioid Use Disorder.

Integrating medication, counseling, and toxicology into a 3-pronged opioid treatment strategy is what the Centers for Disease Control and National Institute of Health refer to as a “Gold Standard” for treatment.

The results speak for themselves: the patients who enroll and remain in medication-assisted treatment have a rate of remission that is four times higher than the remission rate of other forms of treatment.

Crossroads Treatment Centers accepts Medicaid and many commercial insurance plans, so difficult or stressful financial situations isn’t a hindrance to recovery for our patients.

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