Why Crossroads?

Why Crossroads?

Crossroads has been providing outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment for over 10 years to people suffering from dependence to heroin, pain medication, or other opiates.

We understand that you may have work, family, or other responsibilities that make the realities of your addiction that much more serious. This realization can make attending typical forms of treatment seem out of reach. MAT has proven to be the solution to this dilemma for many patients who have been successful in treatment. 

We specialize in treatment that combines medication, counseling, drug screening, and a referral network to give you the best chance to succeed in treatment.

We do not simply hire a doctor to provide medication and send you on your way, as that would only deal with the biological effects of your addiction.  Our staff includes counselors, clinical supervisors, nurses, and other service coordinators.  While your medication is working to eliminate your withdrawal symptoms and cravings, your counselor is working with you on creating your Path to Recovery through building recovery and relapse prevention skills. Each member of the Crossroads team specializes in an area that will support your recovery.  

Our services include:

  • Medical assessments of your addiction, health status, and treatment needs
  • Clinical assessments of your addiction, history, and counseling needs
  • Individualized treatment planning and individual or group counseling
  • Medical care directed by our on-site physician, including your treatment medication 
  • Coordination with local agencies and service professionals to provide resources for other services you may need