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The Truth about Opiates and Opioid Addiction Recovery

by Crossroads . Addiction, Opiates, Treatment

The first truth about opioid dependence or addiction is there is no one truth for everybody. Each body is different.

Each reason for dependence is different. Were there bad choices? Or no choice? Was the pain unimaginable? So painful someone couldn’t go on without hurting themselves in the long run?


When A Loved One Is Addicted: 2 Things You Can Do Right Now

by Crossroads . Addiction

Having a loved one with the disease of addiction is an emotional rollercoaster. The ups and the downs are merciless. It’s one of those things in life where there is no handbook on how to ride this ride without everybody getting sick.


What’s It Like To Be Addicted to Opiates?

by Crossroads . Addiction, Opiates

It’s true that many people who become addicted arrived at this place because of bad choices. Those that fall into that category would be the first people to point that out! There are also a lot of people who ended up addicted, not because of bad choices, but because of an accident, an injury, or because of debilitating pain caused by an illness. 


If Addiction Could Speak

by Crossroads . Addiction, Recovery

If you’re in the thick of addiction right now, you know the voice of addiction. The one that says…

Here’s the thing: all of that, and the other things your addiction tells you, are all lies. The question is, how long will you continue to buy into it?

We want you to think into the future for just a minute. One year from now – in just 365 days - where will you be if you continue on this path you’re on today?


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