Biology of  Success in Opioid Use Disorder

While there are no brain scans or blood tests to measure opioid receptors or endorphin levels, we now have evidence-based treatments and plans, which can lead to lasting success and prolonged and durable remission.

Take Your Time

Leaving treatment prior to 12 months of care results in a 4x higher relapse rate. Don’t take this risk. Take the time you need to heal and succeed in treatment.

The Right Approach

The right approach to treatment helps you build successful, sustainable recovery.

That process involves:

  1. Reaching a stable medication dose.
  2. Building recovery and relapse prevention skills.
  3. Allowing the brain to repair and heal for at least 6-12 months.
  4. After establishing prolonged stability, consider a customized and individual approach to tapering medication.

Anyone Can Recover

After long periods of health and stability, some patients decide to continue medication. Like many other chronic diseases, the individualized dose of medication can be continued to reduce the risk of disease recurrence. It becomes a simple and easy part of a healthy daily routine that can be continued indefinitely. No matter where you are now, lasting health and recovery are possible.

Be Inspired to Succeed

Whether tapering off medication or continuing on a maintenance dose, you can experience all the benefits of recovery – improved health, restored relationships, custody of children, continuing education or employment – and no more addictive behavior, wasted time and money.

Our goal is to help you every step of the way and inspire you to reach your treatment goals. If you have questions about the process of recovery or need help getting started on that path, please just call or text us today at 855.694.8288.