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At Crossroads, we provide effective and compassionate treatment for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. We understand the complexities of addiction. That’s why our dedicated team is here to guide and support our patients every step of the way on their journey to reclaiming their lives.

About Our Opioid Addiction Treatment Center in Altoona

Crossroads of Altoona is honored to serve the local community as a trusted provider of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for individuals grappling with opioid use disorder (OUD). As part of the Crossroads network, spanning across nine states, we bring our commitment to compassionate care to your doorstep.

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of addiction and the hurdles of recovery, we strive to cultivate a supportive and welcoming environment for all our patients. Our mission is deeply rooted in enhancing health equity and delivering superior outcomes. That’s why our center integrates a blend of medical and support services to ensure comprehensive care tailored to your needs.

OBOT Treatment Services We Offer in Altoona

We encourage you to discover our comprehensive treatment services in Altoona, crafted to support your recovery journey with personalized care and expert guidance. Here, you’ll receive compassionate, effective treatment tailored to your unique needs.


SUBLOCADE® helps manage withdrawal symptoms, giving patients room to focus on recovery. Within the SUBLOCADE® program, our caring medical team closely monitors and adjusts treatments to fit each person’s needs.

Buprenorphine (Rx)

The Buprenorphine (Rx) Program at Crossroads helps manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Our medical professionals closely monitor each patient’s progress, adjusting the treatment plan to ensure optimal results.

Benefits of Professional Opioid Addiction Treatment in Altoona

Choosing professional opioid addiction treatment in Altoona offers numerous benefits. By reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, our programs make it easier for patients to focus on their recovery journey.

Moreover, our nurturing and supportive environment plays a pivotal role in helping patients construct a strong foundation for long-lasting sobriety. With access to a team of seasoned professionals, each patient receives comprehensive care tailored to their individual needs, significantly enhancing the prospects of success.

Why Choose Crossroads?

At Crossroads, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in delivering evidence-based treatment that has been proven to be effective.

Our welcoming and inclusive environment is designed to foster a sense of community. We ensure that every patient feels supported throughout their treatment journey. By choosing Crossroads, patients can place their trust in knowing they’re receiving the best possible care in a compassionate setting that prioritizes their needs above all else.