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Welcome to Crossroads Martinsville, where our commitment is your recovery. Our addiction treatment center in Martinsville provides specialized opioid addiction treatment in a supportive environment, helping individuals reclaim their lives from addiction. 

About Martinsville

Martinsville, known for its rich history and vibrant community, faces challenges like many small cities across the nation, including the impact of opioid addiction. Our addiction treatment center in Martinsville is strategically located to address these challenges head-on, providing a critical resource for the community and its surrounding areas.

About Our Opioid Addiction Treatment Center in Martinsville

Recovery from opioid addiction requires more than just good intentions. It demands a robust support system and access to effective, evidence-based treatments. Crossroads Martinsville is designed to provide both, featuring a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to the health and well-being of each patient. 

We strive to create a welcoming environment where every patient feels valued and understood.

OBOT Services We Offer in Martinsville


SUBLOCADE® helps manage withdrawal symptoms, giving patients room to focus on recovery. Within the SUBLOCADE® program, our caring medical team closely monitors and adjusts treatments to fit each person’s needs.

Buprenorphine (RX) Program

The Buprenorphine Program at Crossroads offers an alternative treatment option for opioid addiction. Buprenorphine helps manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Our experienced medical staff will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that includes regular monitoring.

Benefits of Professional Opioid Addiction Treatment in Martinsville

Professional treatment at our addiction treatment center in Martinsville provides you with a team of experts who understand the complexities of addiction. 

Our programs are structured to support the physical aspects of recovery, ensuring that each patient can focus on healing without the burden of untreated withdrawal symptoms. 

Moreover, professional treatment reduces the risk of overdose and helps reintegrate individuals into their communities as healthier persons.

Why Choose Crossroads?

Crossroads Martinsville’s treatment programs are evidence-based and tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. At Crossroads, our team is dedicated to providing each patient with the tools and support necessary for long-term recovery. 

Our commitment to your recovery starts with our comprehensive care model that ensures you receive the personalized treatment you deserve. Whether you are battling addiction for the first time or seeking help after a relapse, Crossroads Martinsville is here to provide you with a safe, respectful, and effective environment for your recovery journey.