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Why Crossroads?


First and foremost, the promise we make to you is simple, yet powerful:  We will treat you with compassion and respect.


We invite you to experience The Crossroads Difference and to feel for yourself how good recovery can feel when you are treated like family.



Crossroads Physicians are Specialists that have Successfully Treated Thousands of Patients
Our physicians are highly experienced in using both Methadone and Suboxone to create a safe and comfortable detox and recovery.  In addition, Crossroads offers patients the highest level of support throughout the process.  Our vast experience in treating opiate dependence is an important driver of our success rates.


Crossroads is a Bio-Psycho-Social Approach
Our approach recognizes that medication alone is not enough. While the medication we provide (Methadone or Suboxone) addresses your physical symptoms, it is imperative that our patients work with our counselors to address the underlying issues that drove their addiction in the first place.  As a result, our integrated treatment plans address not just medical factors, but also address the patient’s psycho-social aspects as well.  It is well established that when treating opiate dependence, the best success rates are derived from the combination of medical assistance and counseling.  Our team is dedicated to helping our patients recover from opiate addiction, in part by helping our patients resolve underlying psychological and social issues. This approach greatly enhances the prospects for a successful recovery process.


Crossroads Offers a Choice
Methadone or Suboxone (depending on the center - please call our 800 number for more information).  We are deeply experienced with both and will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that specifically addresses your unique circumstances.


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Call Now for a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL Consultation

We Can Help! 1-800-805-6989