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Facing The Fear: Choosing Recovery

Are you standing at a crossroad between addiction and recovery?

If you’re like most people, there’s an internal dialog of fear going on in your head right now as you read these words.

  • What if this treatment doesn’t work? I can’t endure the excruciating withdrawal symptoms again.
  • How am I going to pay for this? This addiction already has me in deep financial trouble.
  • What if my boss finds out? I can’t afford to lose this job.

We know that’s likely the tip of the iceberg of your fears right now.

Your fears are not unreasonable: We understand all too well the horrid and humiliating nature of the withdrawal symptoms and the fears associated with that. What happens if someone you love sees you at your absolute worst?

We also understand the financial challenges are painfully real; you can’t ask your loved ones for money, again… right? And we know that losing a job could be nothing short of catastrophic.

But what we have found over our many years of offering treatment services is this: Addiction usually results in one of only three outcomes – Recovery, Jail, or Death.

No path is easy when it comes to addiction. But only 1 of those 3 is truly within your control to choose and only 1 has a shot at a positive outcome … and that’s Recovery, hands-down.

Yes, choosing recovery is a huge, scary deal. But you’re not going to make the whole journey all at once and you don’t have to go-it-alone! You just have to START by taking the very first step: decide upon recovery over jail or death. Choose to get treatment.

At Crossroads, we offer medication that will alleviate withdrawal symptoms like cramps, diarrhea, sweats, vomiting, depression, anxiety, etc.

With the use of methadone or suboxone you won’t have to fight the unwinnable fight against cravings. And without the cravings, you can focus on the stuff of life that needs your clear-headed attention, like your recovery, your family, and your job.

And because we offer counseling through our Path To Recovery program, you can discuss your fears in detail right from the start. With your counselor, you’ll come up with a specific plan that includes the tools you need for success. With medicine, knowledge, and support, you can step into treatment with courage and resolve to reach your recovery goals.

Listen… your fears make sense. You’re not crazy and you’re not over-reacting. But there is help. There is hope. There is a way to get your life back. And we can help you do that.

Contact us. Use the contact form on our contact page, call our toll free number or text us at (678) 333-1546 to find out how to get started.

You’re at the crossroads… take the first step on the path to recovery.