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If Addiction Could Speak

If you’re in the thick of addiction right now, you know the voice of addiction. The one that says…  Here’s the thing: all of that, and the other things your addiction tells you, are all lies. The question is, how long will you continue to buy into it?  We want

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Drug Addiction Can Happen To Anyone

They may be in recovery, thinking about seeking treatment, or actively engaged in drug seeking behavior… but they are there, living in your corner of the world. The vast majority of them are nice people. Good people: People who never planned on becoming addicted. People just like you. She’s the

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Dear Kim: A Letter From One Of Our Patients

Here’s a letter from a former patient written to our Program Director at Crossroads of Danville. These are the moments that make us proud of our treatment teams at Crossroads and of our courageous patients who choose recovery. It’s not an easy path, but for someone with the disease of

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Meet Jeff

It’s been one year since I have started treatment at Crossroads Treatment Centers. One year and I cannot begin to explain how different things have become. I struggled with heroin addiction for 6 and a half years. Three of those years I lived homeless on the streets of Detroit Michigan.

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